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The Raven Cycle meme: [1/4] Characters: Blue Sargent.

"She wasn’t interested in telling other people’s futures. She was interested in going out and finding her own"

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IMPOSSIBLE & OVERWHELMING an off-beat, mostly instrumental mix for the keys to the kingdom series → [listen]
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"His lips graze my ear and it’s like fireflies are buzzing around my heart."

―  #TheCulling (via stevendossantos)
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Quick Yovel Gang for fun~ Knox can do what he wants, Liam is not jealous, not at all, not at all. (click on the drawing for full height)

This is seriously cool.

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prforbeelzebub Asked: Could you perhaps expand on how exactly Ronan lied (ironic pun intended) partially across Adam in the Pig at the beginning of The Dream Thieves; because teenage boys are tall and have too many knees for me to properly visualize this.


Ordinarily I would have gone to look at my Camaro to draw the backseat properly, but seeing as Lover has gotten it stuck seven feet up in the air, that was impossible.

So this is winging it with a crayon while I sit on my couch eating a cookie and watching a really terrible movie.


ETA: Is there another way to do actually this in a small backseat? I have a million siblings and grew up smashed in jumpseats and this is how we did it.

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celestial-butts Asked: Jon Snow #3 (ADORINGYOURARTWORKHERE.*_*)



celestial-butts Jon “I know where to put it” Snow. 

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"I’m not going to end up in some heap of crushed dreams."

― Steven dos Santos, #TheCulling (via stevendossantos)
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after reading the short story Glitches (Lunar Chronicles 0.5) i couldnt help myself
thus, this drawing was given birth: the evolution of Cinder and Iko’s relationship from the first time Cinder pieced her back together

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Laini Taylor is currently in my country and i can’t go see her so I’ll just cry a bit here don’t mind me

I’ll tell her you say hi.

omg really thank you

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Laini Taylor is currently in my country and i can’t go see her so I’ll just cry a bit here don’t mind me

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One of the books I took to read while I was at jury duty earlier this week was Tithe by Holly Black. Luckily for me, the book was excellent. Not so luckily, I finished it in the first few hours I was waiting. But, that left me a lot of time to sketch out these two in my notebook, and so here is my interpretation of Rath Roiben Rye and Kaye Fierch. Definitely going to be checking out the rest of the series. *nodnod*

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Sobran picked up the angel’s hand and kissed his knuckles. “Thank you for your patience.”

"I’m not, Sobran. Patient. When I feel your time passing me it makes my palms itch."

"I’m fifty-six."

"You’re always counting."

"I’m a vain man.


the Vintner’s Luck, 1846 (via femmelupin)
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still can’t decide how to draw this kid

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"But loss was easy. Addition was hard. How do you become something more than yourself?"

Guardian (Alex London)
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The Boys and their Animals

~sketch with flat colors

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