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I’m still in denial about how this book ended

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9/? of my asexual character drawings.
Raphael from The Mortal Instruments etc
I know he’s not book-canon asexual…(or at lead I think so I haven’t read most of the bane chronicles yet) but Cassie tweeted he is, so. seeing as I have hardly anymore to add to this series I thought I might as well.

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I bought a bunch of plain t-shirts today for like $2 each??? I’m gonna paint them, but idk what. probably an in the flesh one and wtnv??? also the only fabric paint colours I have are red/orange/blue/purple/green/brown. any ideas??

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White Cat by AmeUmi36


I finally finished the Curse Worker series by Holly Black yesterday after procrastinating reading the third book for six years.

It was a lot more racially diverse than I had remembered it being!

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I just bought this!!! I’m so excited.

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Tori post-Quicksilver a year or two maybe? I just kinda made up what her arm would look like. I feel like she’d make more than one for different things.


She totally would, too.

And re the tags on the OP (which got kind of weirdly truncated so I couldn’t copy them over), Tori says in the beginning of QUICKSILVER that the brown dye didn’t take properly and only managed to turn her golden hair a sort of dirty blonde, so she’s actually never had brown hair anyway.

Adore the binary on the shirt and the circuitry effect on her legs. Two thumbs way up from this author!

ahh thank you!!

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Rosa Salazar Nabs Key Female Role in 'Maze Runner' Sequel (Exclusive)

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john reckless, where are you?

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Newt is the Glader that everyone can trust.

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I quite enjoyed the maze runner! I think they did pretty well.

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"Not all Lynburns."

Ash Lynburn, several times throughout the Lynburn Legacy
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Once he left the Rookeries, he paused in one of the parks in the Copper District on his way home. This one was called Naiad Green for the statue in its centre. He lit a cigarette and stared up at the stars as the last of the Lerium left his system.

Drystan in The Card Sharp! This is the first fully-digital work I’ve done in a while.. society6

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Sometimes it’s surprisingly angrifying to be stared at while giving the hubby a quick kiss goodbye in a public place. It’s 2014, Bromley. But hey, maybe a gay kid was watching us, too, and seeing how a little mild public affection is both radical and utterly normal. - Patrick Ness (x)(x)

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