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Made For You UK/Aus cover


In case you missed my io9 chat today (archive here) where I shared answers AND my UK/Aus cover of MADE FOR YOU, I thought I’d post it here.

MADE FOR YOU releases in Australia/NZ (as well as US/Canada where it comes out with the cicada cover) in Fall 2014.  September here in the US & Canada.  It releases in the UK & Ireland in Spring 2015.

I absolutely love that they kept the tagline (which I wrote), as well as using scarlet lilies (a symbol of desire in the language of flowers which the killer uses in the book) & of course, a drowning girl (directly from the plot).  VERY VERY happy with the cover .  . .  I think it highlight aspects that the US cover (which I also love a lot!) does not. 


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page eighty / the knife of never letting go

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I’ve just finished that book and it somehow ate itself under my skin I have to get it out hrngmrgrg

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Fire with tatoos. And her violin. Why not.

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Cyborg. Lunar. Mechanic.

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omg cress is such a sweetheart!

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for several minutes, he watched the raven slurp down gray slime while ronan cooed at her. he was not the ronan that gansey had grown accustomed to, but neither was he the ronan that gansey had first met.

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The two fairy queens of Tithe

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Cinder, Cress, Scarlet and Winter, requested by walkingnorth ( I’m on my phone otherwise I would link) she’s pretty rad (:, now thinking, I could have drawn Iko as well, aw well

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Owen and a raven

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Cress Darnel, by request also, she’s just super adorbs XD(any excuse to draw lunar chronicles fanart is a good excuse)

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We have to have stories or it will kill us. My long standing theory is that sentience is an evolutionary accident. It has huge evolutionary advantages to be aware of yourself, but it came with this enormous baggage that we weren’t ready for. We weren’t ready for death, so we invented religion. We weren’t ready for life, so we invented comedy. We just weren’t ready for it. But we are resilient, and we’ve evolved and found a way.

It’s impossible to think about death – to know you are going to die – so we’ve had to find a way to live with the impossible. And that’s where stories come from – they let you deal with the impossible, they let you live without having to spend every moment in waking terror.


Stories of the Impossible - An interview with Patrick Ness

I am slowly, but surely, nurturing an obsession/fandoration with this man. 
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Roland and Connor

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when someone I don’t like tries to start a conversation with me

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