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“You’re not odd. This, what you can do… it’s beautiful.” He came close, and wrapped me in his arms. “You’re beautiful.”
My breath hitched in my throat.
Our lips met. I pushed him against the glowing glass, the stubble of his chin scratching mine. I rested a hand on the Penglass, the cool blue light bathing us as we kissed, careless of who might see.”

-Shadowplay, Laura Lam

I read this book yesterday..(so good) and i really wanted to do some fanart and this scene was really cute…so yeah.

what even do the penglass domes look like i don’t know so i just made a glowing blue lump

[also the posters are from here]

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Why So Many Novellas, YA Authors?



I’ve seen a number of people online complaining about the recent explosion of novellas in the world of young adult literature, claiming that novellas are unnecessary—nothing more than a disingenuous, desperate, money-grubbing ploy orchestrated by publishers and authors.

Since I have a novella…


I’ll be releasing 2 novellas and 2 short stories set in Ellada, the world of Pantomime & Shadowplay, this summer. I’m self-releasing them, so part of it is to learn about self-publishing and see if it might be a viable side-option for me, as I write pretty quickly. Primarily though, I just really wanted to write these stories. One novella and one of the short stories are told from the point of view of Drystan, a secondary character in both books. He has a complicated backstory and there’s only so much that can be in the main books without dragging down the plot. Likewise for the other novella, which stars Cyan, another secondary character. The last story is a fable, and I wrote it because I had a little idea I wanted to get out. 

I have a lot of smaller gaps between books, where I’m waiting to hear back from betas, my agent, or an editor. These are great pockets of time to write shorter bits of work, like novellas. 

There’s pretty long gaps between books. Novellas are a great way to bridge the gap and keep fans and authors happy. Yay novellas!

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Divergent’s even better the second time

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*frantically researches for pictures of steampunky alleyways and clothes and cool glowy glass things*

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i can’t help myself i have to draw that scene in shadowplay where they’re kissing against the penglass

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Just working on my designs for the characters in RJ Anderson’s Faery Rebels books, since I just finished reading Nomad. So many feels omg— but anyway, here’s Knife, Linden, Rhosmari and Ivy.

Characters (c) RJ Anderson

*makes noise of sheer glee that only dogs can hear*

I want to reblog this to the Faery Rebels Tumblr RIGHT NOW but the sad truth is I created it before I knew you could link new tumbles to your existing one, so every time I want to reblog stuff I have to like it, being it up on my regular dashboard, open it in a new browser tab, log out and back in with a new email and password, and THEN reblog it, which is a royal pain.

I have been resisting deleting the old Faery Rebels tumblr and starting over because there is so much stuff on it and I don’t have the time to go through and reblog it all manually to a new one, but ugh this is frustrating.

So, uh, have some faeries?

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Her name was Thalia and she gave her life to save three. And so, as Thalia laid dying, her father Zeus found another way for her to live. 

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Happy Birthday to my dearest Sasha, who turned 17 today!
you go sasha, you’re awesome. I drew you some goofy Tiolee c:

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I had hoped to do an anticipation week for Untold, book 2 of The Lynburn Legacy by Sarah Rees Brennan but I’ve been so stupidly busy lately there just hasn’t been a spare moment.

So instead I thought I’d do a release week :)

Angela and Kami in one of the most adorable friendship scenes in Untold. Or at least I thought so. I liked their friendship before but this scene made me love it :)

If you’ve got a favourite scene in Unspoken that you would like to see let me know in a note. I’ll be colouring this one tomorrow.

Untold is amazing guys. You’re gunna love it.

OMGOSH so pretty! I love Kami and Angela’s little faces (the hair falling in Kami’s eyes!) and I blush at the kind words.

I like this scene too. I hope you guys will as well!

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Kami Glass. Mind linked to two guys and counting but still Unspoken for.

Independant sassy lady reporter coming to a country town near your valley.


So I was doing a paper and this just randomly popped into my head. It’s a lame joke I know but I thought I was being funny and it came so naturally that I had to draw it.

I was going to do it in full colour but her face ended up looking really shoujo manga. More than I’ve done in a while. I think it’s the mouth. So I grayscaled it. I don’t have tones so I couldn’t make it look authentic but I still like it :)

So psyched for book 3 in September.

I also might be reviving this tumblr with new artwork. And firing up my review blog again.

You have been warned.

This is really lovely!

Aw, lovely to see Street Angel doing her amazing work again, and I feel very honoured to have her doing it for me!

Plus: just what super cutiepieness! D’awww, FRECKLES. Little pencil! What a great dress! And I enjoy the message of Kami being an independent lady, as the books are all about the question of independence in relationships. ;)

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A song for Leslie.

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Going to divergent again tomorrow. Just because.

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"I am a voracious unicorn predator."

Karou, Dreams of Gods and Monsters (Laini Taylor)
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The Micah Grey Series by Laura Lam

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"I’d rather go and make my own way than have it decided for me."

Pantomime by Laura Lam
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